Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Friday, May 6


Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


Doors are closing and you will have a number of options to choose from for the future. Some endings will bring sadness but you also accept that a chapter has to close for new interests and involvements to begin. Attending a psychic event or party will be both entertaining and enlightening.


The idea of stirring up a little excitement will appeal to you. You want to travel, have fun and widen your horizons. You’ve always been practical and underneath this all, you also need a sense of purpose. Channel your energy in positive ways so you have something to show for it. Take the initiative and use your enthusiasm to improve your life.


Someone who wants to talk to you is seeing you at your most reclusive and this is why they will find it hard to get you on their own. Events in your private world are putting you in touch with your deepest secrets. You have a lot to think about and you don’t want other people’s views or comments to influence you.


You’re considering a few ideas for a family holiday or future journey. It isn’t time yet to make any definite decisions. Although this is a phase of waiting for you, you instinctively know you will soon be starting on new paths. In the meantime you will want to find ways to make constructive use of your time.


Be open and honest about the reason why you are ready to bring some matters to an end. If there is anything you need clarified before making new plans, ask for information. A relationship isn’t the same as it used to be. A heart-to-heart talk will wipe your worries away.


Talking with a sensitive friend puts you in touch with your innermost needs and feelings. You’re acutely in touch with your emotions. You want people to take you more seriously. You are also coming to realise that romance is not a game. You need something more permanent from your partnerships.


You will be throwing yourself into outside activities but there is someone in your life who is feeling lonely and neglected. You might think about involving them in your plans. Others will be looking to you to organise a future group or social event or some travel plans.


You had been all set for a routine kind of day. Unexpected changes that do occur could be a blessing in disguise. You are about to discover someone’s friendliness was all put on to suit their own purposes. You won’t be so quick to allow them to fool you next time.


Getting new projects established and making long-term arrangements more secure is your priority now. You won’t have any problems reaching agreements with others and contractual matters should go well. Contracts can be signed with confidence. Friends who have been helpful in the past will be extremely supportive now.


Change makes you uncertain. You may not think it at the moment but plans now being instigated will take you to new and better places in the future. It might feel like your sense of security is being shattered but times change and things have to move on.


Whatever forced you and an old friend apart now brings you back together. This is your chance to make amends for past mistakes. Past patterns won’t necessarily repeat themselves. People have learned from experience. Someone is ready to make an apology. Forgive and put old hurts behind you.


Financial matters come under discussion. Resolving a disagreement will be possible but it will take time. Soon you will see an upturn in family affairs. Are you single? Love is in the air and this will be a good time to seek new attachments.

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