Discovering the free beaches on Lake Orta


Lake Orta is a small Piedmontese lake. It belongs to the province of Novara and to the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. It has an area of ​​just 18 square kilometers, but it holds millennia of history, testified by an incomparable natural and urban beauty. Among the most beautiful things to see, however, there are the marvelous shores of Lake Orta, even the free ones. 

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Be it an example of history, art, culture and beauty, the island of San Giulio just 400 meters from the shore, is perfect for its quiet beaches. There are numerous equipped and free beaches. The beaches of Lake Orta are very particular. Each offers calm and clean water. some are made of pebbles, others of sand or mixed. Features are the grass beaches. The beaches have easy access and even the free ones offer convenient services to delight you on the shores of this very romantic lake. 


In the town of Omegna next to the Lido Centro Sportivo there is the free beach of Bagnella with a grass and gravel coast. After a restorative bath you can use the document and use the area equipped for free with tables and benches for picnics in a shaded area. Authorized access to 4-legged friends. 


 Along the banks of Pettenasco there are several beaches and equipped areas. Among the free beaches, the beach in Approdo and the beach in Riva Pisola overlook one of the most beautiful corners of Lake Orta. Possibility of replacement in camper and camping areas, in addition to the fact that there are also free parking spaces. 


 In this area the waters of Lake Orta reach, in fact, the greatest depth of about 140 meters. after walking on soft grassy ground you can access the water through the suggestive piers. The beach provides very useful services such as showers and refreshment points. In Lagna there are two other free beaches of sand, gravel and grass. Don’t forget that toilets and a kiosk are also available. 


Finally, among the best free beaches, in the municipality of Pella, right in front of the enchanting Island of San Giulio, the Rialaccio beach composed of gravel and sand extends for 200 meters. Privileged place to relax in front of one of the most romantic corners of Italy. There are services offered to little friends.

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