10 Most Romantic Elena Gilbert Quotes, Ranked


Although she has a reputation for being a bit dull in The Vampire Diaries, Elena was part of the two most intense romances in the series. Once she acknowledges and accepts her feelings for someone, Elena doesn’t hold back when it comes to declarations of love.

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It makes sense that she wanted to be a writer before her mother’s death (which is one of several facts about Elena many fans don’t know about in The Vampire Diaries). She has a way with words, and Elena’s quotes make up some of the most romantic lines of the show.

10 “I Wanted To Dance With You Today.”

Everyone loves a good parallel, and the callback to Damon and Elena’s first dance is one of the best full-circle moments in The Vampire Diaries. Seasons 1-4 were a rollercoaster for Delena shippers, as the timing never quite lined up.

This simple sentence told Damon everything he needed to know about Elena’s feelings for him. The first time they danced together meant something more than either of them had admitted, and it was the first time Elena saw Damon in a romantic way.

9 “If You Walk Away, It’s For You. Because I Know What I Want. Stefan, I Love You.”

Elena and Stefan kissing in The Vampire Diaries.

It didn’t take long for Stefan to earn Elena’s trust after learning he was a vampire, but Elena didn’t take what he was lightly. Dating a creature who survived off of human blood would probably be much scarier in reality, so it’s understandable that Elena couldn’t handle it.

However, Lexi had given Elena some advice she took to heart—when it’s real you can’t walk away. Stefan was planning to leave town in an effort to keep Elena safe but she chastised him for taking her choice away. Elena put everything on the table and let Stefan know he was worth the risk.

8 “I Know What I Signed Up For, Damon. And I’m All In.”

With this line, Elena proved how devoted she was to Damon. It was especially meaningful because Damon never had someone who loved as deeply as he did. But he was just as important to Elena as she was to him, and Damon was finally in an equal relationship.

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There was nothing Elena wouldn’t do for him, and she didn’t care what happened as long as they were together. In the ultimate sacrifice, Elena held Damon’s hand as they set off the explosion that would kill them both and take them to the Other Side.

7 “It’s You And Me, Stefan. Always.”

Elena and Stefan look on worriedly in The Vampire Diaries

It does sound hypocritical given that Elena ended up leaving Stefan for his brother, but she never could have foreseen the circumstances that drove them apart. When she was a human girl living an entirely different life, Stefan was her other half.

She refused to lose him to bloodlust, but she also didn’t want to lose him to death. Stefan had to start drinking human blood, and Elena showed just how much she trusted him by letting the “ripper” feed off of her every day.

6 “I Love You, Stefan. Hold Onto That. Never Let That Go.”

Stefan embracing Elena in The Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s time with Klaus, while entertaining to viewers, was probably the most miserable period of his existence. He was forced to travel the country and lose the person he had worked so hard to become. The worst part is that Stefan never goes back to who he was before he left Elena and Damon behind.

He turned into the ripper to save his brother’s life and keep Klaus away from Elena, and it was hard to watch at times. He might not have said a word when he called Elena, but he didn’t have to for her to know it was him. Elena said exactly what Stefan needed to hear, and her declaration of love managed to hold him together.

5 “Take The Cure With Me. That’s How Much I Know This Is Real. That’s How Certain I Am That I’m Gonna Love You Even After This Is All Over.”

Telling Damon to take the cure with her in The Vampire Diaries Season 4 was a bold thing to ask. The sire bond made it impossible for Elena to be sure of anything, so there was no way of knowing that her feelings for him were real.

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If he drank the cure before the bond was broken, it was possible that she’d go back to Stefan and Damon would be stuck human and alone. Although it had to be taken with a grain of salt, Elena’s certainty spoke volumes. She wasn’t just proclaiming her love for Damon but telling him she never wanted to be with anyone else.

4 “Promise Me This Is Forever.”

Damon and Elena kiss in the rain in The Vampire Diaries.

Damon made Elena look at vampirism in an entirely new light. It had always been her worst nightmare, but she eventually came to see it as a blessing. Even though she would still choose to have a family over being an immortal, she found happiness in the knowledge that her love for Damon would be eternal.

Elena asking Damon to make this promise shows how much she has grown to love her new life. Her feelings for Damon are so strong that’s she’s grateful she has all of eternity to bask in them.

3 “I Had To Choose And I Picked You. Because I Love You. And No Matter What Happens, It’s The Best Choice I Ever Made.”

Stefan and Elena at the bar in The Vampire Diaries.

Out of all the scenes that prove Stefan and Elena were soulmates in The Vampire Diaries, this was one of the most vital. Not only did Elena choose Stefan after everything he did during the third season, but she wanted him to know that it was the best decision she’d made in her life.

Things might not have turned out the way they expected them to, but the human girl that was born and raised in Mystic Falls would always love Stefan. Klaus hit the nail on the head when he said the kind of love Stefan and Elena have never dies.

2 “I Want To Thank You For Giving Me Everything I Always Wanted. A Love That Consumed Me…And Passion…Adventure. There’s Nothing More I Could Ever Want Other Than For It To Last Forever.”

Damon embracing Elena in the woods in The Vampire Diaries

If Damon had been there to hear it, this quote could have earned the top spot. Sadly, Elena was speaking to a hallucination of her boyfriend in a drug-induced haze. The real Damon might have been trapped in a prison world with Bonnie, but there’s no doubt that Elena’s goodbye would’ve put his spirit at peace.

He never thought that Elena would choose him over Stefan, yet Damon ended up being everything she could ever want out of life. There’s nothing more romantic than Damon knowing that his existence made Elena happier than she thought was humanly possible.

1 “I Am Not Sorry That I’m In Love With You.”

Elena’s confession to Damon is the most epic declaration of love any of the characters ever made. She didn’t sugarcoat anything about their relationship and made sure Damon knew she was well-aware of his flaws. Elena had seen the worst of him, and some of the worst things Damon did were to her. The way he treated Elena even makes up several reasons Damon didn’t deserve redemption in The Vampire Diaries.

However, she loved him unconditionally, and there was clearly nothing he could to do scare her away. The most important part of Elena’s speech was the very last line. She could have easily fought her feelings for Damon, but she accepted every part of him and loved him too much to be sorry about it.

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