What You Need To Know About XM Satellite Radio


Satellite radio is catching on like wildfire these days and as more consumers actually gain experience with it, they come to appreciate it’s benefits and get on board with this new technology. There are two main satellite radio service providers and they are Sirius and XM, but for this article let’s just focus on what you need to know about XM satellite radio.

First of all, satellite radio is a new way of broadcasting radio signals that eliminates most of the problems and shortcomings of standard radio broadcasts. For instance, haven’t you found it annoying that after you travel about 30 – 50 miles across country, you have to change the radio station because the one you are listening to fades out and becomes unlistenable? Well, satellite radio solves that problem as the radio signal is recorded digitally and transmitted to satellites that orbit the earth high in the atmosphere. Since there are no obstacles or obstructions between them and the listeners here on the ground, you can literally travel from coast to coast and keep listening to the same radio station as you do.

XM radio offers over 100 channels of radio programming too that runs the gamut from every kind of music you can imagine, to talk radio, sports programming, and much more. You can always find something good to listen to on XM radio, and they keep adding even more popular programming content as they go on. For instance, XM has recently added a channel called “Oprah & Friends” that will feature Oprah herself and many of the popular personalities from her show. They have also brought Bob Dylan on board to host a weekly show for music fans across the country. And more of this kind of original programming can be expected to arrive on XM in the near future.

One of the big advantages of XM satellite radio though is the ability to listen to it generally free of commercial interruptions. Because it is a subscription based service, there is no need to sell on-air advertising, and that simply means that listeners get more of what they really want, the programming that they signed up for. The service is very inexpensive at only $9.95 a month, so it’s affordable by almost everyone.

You will have to purchase the receiving equipment necessary to decode the radio signal, in order to listen to it, but there is a wide array of electronics products that cater to XM radio. You can find units specifically made for your car, your home stereo, and even those that can be switched back and forth whenever you want. In fact, XM is also leading the industry by providing portable units from Samsung and Pioneer that can play XM radio wherever you are and also play MP3s, WMA files, and even recorded XM content too.

So why not consider joining the almost 6 million subscribers that are currently already on board and enjoy the breakthrough radio broadcasting technology from XM satellite radio?

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