The Best RV Insurance in Pennsylvania: The Top 5 Companies


If your Pennsylvania household has joined the more than 11 million others in the U.S. who own a recreational vehicle, you need to insure it with the best RV insurance. Not every company provides the same level of protection or quality of services. When you travel in a home on wheels, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment, belongings, and family are fully covered.

These five companies understand the unique needs of RVers. While they all excel in offering customers the coverage they need, each has a particular strength that sets it apart from other companies. Find out why we chose these companies as the five best RV insurers.

Top 5 Best RV Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania 2022

  • Good Sam: Best Overall for Finding an RV Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania
  • National General: Best Available RV Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania
  • Nationwide: Best Full-Replacement Cost RV Coverage in Pennsylvania
  • Progressive: Best Flexible RV Coverage Options in Pennsylvania
  • Auto-Owners Insurance: Best RV Insurance Customer Service in Pennsylvania

1. Good Sam Insurance Agency – Best Overall for Finding an RV Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania

Good Sam Insurance Agency PA RV Insurance Pros:

  • Connects customers with companies that meet their needs
  • Wide range of coverage options
  • Full-timers can get tailored coverage
  • Coverage for travel in Mexico

Good Sam Insurance Agency PA RV Insurance Cons:

  • Only one way to file claims
  • Standard policies do not include roadside assistance
  • Customers give roadside assistance services mixed reviews

Good Sam Insurance Agency offers plans tailored to meet the unique needs of RVers. The company makes it easy for those who aren’t sure how to find the right plan by providing multiple quotes from well-known insurers that offer specialized RV insurance.

RV Insurance Products Offered by Good Sam Agency in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and More: 5/5

The Good Sam Insurance Agency works with several insurance companies, including National General, Progressive, Foremost and Safeco, which puts them at the top of our list of best RV insurance companies. They offer customers a wide range of products, including coverage for travel in Mexico.

Full-timers can get a plan that covers their RV as their place of residence, while those who only travel part of the year can find coverage that allows them to pause their plans when their RV is in storage.

Flexible RV Coverage Options from Good Sam Insurance Agency: 4.75/5

RVers have unique and varying needs. People who own recreational vehicles don’t all use them the same way, so flexibility in coverage is a must for many customers.

While standard plans still include options such as liability, collision, comprehensive and personal injury protection, RVers can also get multiple add-ons. Possibilities include full-replacement cost, emergency expense allowances and personal belongings coverage.

Available Discounts on Good Sam Insurance Agency Recreational Vehicle Policies in Pennsylvania: 4.5/5

Good Sam Insurance Agency offers standard discounts, including multiple-vehicle and multiple-policy discounts. They also offer discounts for safety features and allowances for those who store their RVs for any part of the year, another reason they rank high for the best RV insurance.

Good Sam Insurance Agency Customer Service: 3.5/5

Customers can file a claim through Good Sam Insurance Company by calling a toll-free number. During the call, the customer is assigned a claims adjuster who handles the claim going forward. It’s a bit clunky, and customers don’t benefit from multiple filing options.

Overall Score of Good Sam Insurance Agency Recreational Vehicle Insurance: 4.4/5 

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2. National General – Best Available RV Insurance Discounts in Pennsylvania

National General PA RV Insurance Pros:

  • Coverage options for solar panels and other specialized equipment
  • Coverage for travel to Mexico that meets legal requirements
  • Assistance provided for finding a new RV after a total loss claim
  • Deductible waiver if claimant not satisfied with claims service

National General PA RV Insurance Cons:

  • Limited coverage information on the website
  • Complete range of discounts not offered in every state

National General Insurance offers RV insurance in all 50 states. The company excels in providing ways for customers to save on their insurance.

Not only do they offer multiple discounts, but people who keep their RVs in storage for part of the year can suspend most of their coverage while maintaining protection for theft, vandalism, fire and storm damage.

RV Insurance Products Offered by National General in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and More: 4/5

The company offers a wide range of products, though customers will have difficulty sorting through the information about their options online. They list specialty coverages but do not identify basic products, such as standard liability, medical expenses, collision or comprehensive.

However, National General does give customers some unique and hard-to-find products, including coverage for travel to Mexico and specialized items such as solar panels.

Flexible RV Coverage Options from National General: 4.5/5

Customers can choose from multiple products to get the coverage that fits their needs, which is why this company is on our list of the best RV insurance companies. National General offers full-timers complete general liability protection that covers them wherever they travel and when they’re parked in a campground.

Likewise, travelers who store their RV can reduce their coverage when their recreational vehicle is sitting in storage while still protecting against threats such as fire or storm damage.

Available Discounts on National General Recreational Vehicle Policies in Pennsylvania: 4.75/5

National General offers some great discounts and savings opportunities. Customers can lower their rates when they insure multiple vehicles with the company. The company also provides homeowner’s, motorcycle and auto coverage, so people can bundle their insurance to save money.

They have a unique product that the other companies on this list don’t offer. Customers can receive a discount on their rates for keeping their driving miles low. National General uses a mileage-tracking device to keep track. Other discounts include safe driver, paid-in-full and paperless discounts.

National General Customer Service: 4/5

Customers who need to file a claim can do so online or over the phone. National General also offers assistance in searching for a new RV after a total loss to those who have full-cost replacement coverage.

Another unique service from this company that puts it on the list of best RV insurance companies is their $500 reward for tips that lead to a conviction when a customer’s RV is stolen.

Overall Score of National General Recreational Vehicle Insurance: 4.3/5

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3. Nationwide – Best Full-Replacement Cost Coverage in Pennsylvania

Nationwide PA RV Insurance Pros:

  • Full-replacement cost includes identified personal items
  • Roadside assistance, towing and labor, and trip interruption coverage options
  • Free insurance review for members
  • Coverage options for full-timers and part-time users

Nationwide PA RV Insurance Cons:

  • No online quote option
  • Insurance not offered in 4 states
  • No minimization for storage

Nationwide is a solid RV insurance provider that offers customers flexible plans, a good selection of discounts and a few optional add-ons. The company’s full-replacement cost coverage is top-notch. Not only are customers’ RVs covered, but so are their scheduled personal effects.

This coverage is available for full-timers and part-time travelers. However, it isn’t available for residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana or Massachusetts.

RV Insurance Products Offered by Nationwide in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and More: 4.5/5

Nationwide’s basic coverages include typical products and medical payment coverage for the insured and the RV occupants. Their add-on options give customers the kind of choice you’d expect from the best RV insurance companies, including a robust full-replacement cost product that includes personal possessions, setting it apart from others on the list.

They also provide coverage for broken glass, an add-on product often not included in RV insurance.

Flexible RV Coverage Options from Nationwide: 4/5

Customers can tailor their plans to fit both full-time and part-time needs. They offer vacation liability for people who only use their campers part-time, but they do not provide an option for minimizing coverage when the RV is in storage.

Roadside assistance is often critical for RVers, and Nationwide offers optional coverage. They also have a towing and labor package. Both roadside assistance and towing and labor come with trip interruption protection that pays for transportation, lodging and meals.

Available Discounts on Nationwide Recreational Vehicle Policies in Pennsylvania: 4.5/5

Nationwide offers customers a list of eight possible discounts, which is helpful as their standard rates are on the higher side. They provide discounts when customers insure multiple vehicles or hold multiple policies through the company.

RVers can receive discounts if they take a recreational vehicle safety course and when they belong to an RV club. Other discounts include claims-free renewal, paid-in-full, continuous coverage and good driver.

Nationwide Customer Service: 4.25/5

There are two options for filing a claim: online or over the phone. Claimants can also search the company’s database of repair shops in their network, which can be helpful when customers need repairs during their travels.

The website is easy to navigate — a vital customer service feature for the best RV insurance companies — and customers who need to file a claim can quickly find the information they need.

Overall Score of Nationwide Recreational Vehicle Insurance: 4.3/5

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4. Progressive – Best Flexible RV Coverage Options in Pennsylvania

Progressive PA RV Insurance Pros:

  • Unique add-on options such as pet injury coverage and roof protection
  • Disappearing deductibles for good drivers
  • Accident forgiveness for accidents with $500 or less in damage
  • Qualified accident forgiveness for major accidents

Progressive PA RV Insurance Cons:

  • Rates vary based on policies obtained through an agent vs online
  • Discounts vary based on state of residence
  • Cannot pause coverage during storage

Progressive RV insurance offers customers a wide range of products, allowing them to tailor their coverage to meet their needs. Their add-ons list is the most extensive of any company on this list, and the products on it are highly relevant for RVers.

Good drivers are awarded with disappearing deductibles, and the company offers accident forgiveness to loyal customers for minor and major accidents.

RV Insurance Products Offered by Progressive in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and More: 4.75/5

While the company’s standard range of products is similar to other companies on the list, its menu of optional coverages is more extensive, making it stand out as one of the best RV insurance companies. It also contains products you don’t see anywhere else unless you search for a plan using Good Sam Insurance Agency Services.

Some of the unique options include pet injury coverage, loss assessment coverage for mandatory RV association damage expenses, roof protection to pay for repairs and replacement, and pest damage protection. The last two options are only available on RVs less than six years old.

Flexible RV Coverage Options from Progressive: 4.5/5

Progressive provides coverage options for full-timers and vacationers. However, they do not allow part-time travelers to pause their coverage when their vehicles are in storage. Otherwise, their range of products allows RVers to pick and choose products that meet their needs.

Available Discounts on Progressive Recreational Vehicle Policies in Pennsylvania: 4/5

The company offers a standard range of discounts, as well as some that are not as typical. Customers who get a quote at least a day before their policies start receive a discount. People who are the original owners of their RV also get a rate discount.

Progressive Customer Service: 3.75/5

Like Good Sam Insurance Agency, Progressive only has one way to file a claim. Customers must call in to file and wait for a claims adjuster to contact them.

However, this company does get a boost in its score for providing customers with disappearing deductibles and accident forgiveness benefits for major and minor accidents, giving it an edge that places it on our list of best RV insurance companies.

As soon as customers sign on with Progressive, they get accident forgiveness for minor accidents with no more than $500 in damage. After sticking with the company for four years, customers earn accident forgiveness for major accidents as long as they’ve been accident-free for three years.

Overall Score of Progressive Recreational Vehicle Insurance: 4.25/5

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5. Auto-Owners Insurance – Best RV Insurance Customer Service in Pennsylvania

Auto-Owners Insurance PA RV Insurance Pros:

  • App available for Apple and Google devices
  • Roadside assistance in Canada and all 50 states
  • Coverage for RV rental after an accident

Auto-Owners Insurance PA RV Insurance Cons:

  • Fewer optional products available
  • Only sold through independent agents
  • Cannot get a quote online

Auto-Owners Insurance gets high marks for providing excellent customer service. Not only do they make it easy for customers to access policy, billing and claims information using their app, but they also place a priority on claims response and payouts.

RV Insurance Products Offered by Auto-Owners Insurance in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and More: 3.75/5

The company offers a standard menu of products without many bells and whistles. However, the optional coverages are essential for many RV owners, which was a primary consideration for our list of best RV insurance companies.

Customers can elect to add roadside assistance, and it’s available in Canada and all 50 states. They can also choose coverage that pays for a rental RV after an accident.

Flexible RV Coverage Options from Auto-Owners Insurance: 3.5/5

Coverage flexibility is limited due to the lack of add-on options for coverage. Agents work with customers to ensure they have the protection they need for their RV and traveling habits.

Available Discounts on Auto-Owners Insurance Recreational Vehicle Policies in Pennsylvania: 4/5

In addition to standard discounts such as multi-policy and paid-in-full, Auto-Owners Insurance also has some options not always offered for RVers. Mature drivers can receive a discount if they don’t have any other drivers on their policies who are under the age of 25.

Like Progressive, the company also offers a discount for a premium quote at least a day in advance of the policy’s start date.

Auto-Owners Insurance Customer Service: 5/5

Auto-Owners Insurance is nationally recognized for providing excellent customer service. The company makes claims response a priority. Customers can track their claims using the company’s mobile app, making it much more convenient than the other companies on this list.

Overall Score of Auto-Owners Insurance Recreational Vehicle Insurance: ⅘

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Important Factors in Choosing the Best RV Insurance Companies

When choosing the best companies for RV insurance, product offerings, flexibility, discounts and customer service are essential considerations. RV coverage is a specialized service. The company needs to offer crucial products for RV owners. Additionally, they should allow their customers to tailor their coverage to meet individual needs and travel styles.

Cost is a primary factor for many RV owners. When companies offer multiple discounts, it is easier for customers to lower their rates while still getting adequate protection. Lastly, customer service, particularly when handling claims, plays a significant role in overall satisfaction.

Answers to Your Questions About the Best RV Insurance Companies in PA

How is insurance for full-timers different than for part-timers?

One of the most significant differences between coverage for full-timers and part-timers is liability protection. People who live in their RV need property and medical protection all year long, while part-timers only need it when they are on vacation.

Property protection pays for third-party property damage in or around the RV, and medical protection pays for medical expenses when someone else gets hurt in or around the RV. Typically, anyone who travels more than six months out of the year benefits from complete liability coverage.

How much does it cost to insure an RV in Pennsylvania?

As with vehicle and homeowners insurance, RV coverage varies widely. Rates depend on numerous factors, including your RV’s age, type and value. Your premiums also vary according to what kind of coverage you get.

Your own age, driving record and state of residence also factor into the cost of coverage. How often and where you take your RV can make a difference in your premiums as well. Full-timers usually pay a bit more for coverage than vacationers. Many companies offer discounts that can reduce your rates significantly.

What companies offer the best RV insurance in Pennsylvania?

The top companies offer their customers a wide range of products, with flexible coverage options. They cater to all types of RVers and understand their unique needs.

Good Sam Insurance Agency provides customers with quotes from multiple companies for easy comparison. Some of the best providers include Nationwide, National General, Progressive and Auto-Owners Insurance. Each has specific strengths that set it apart from other providers in the industry.

Is roadside assistance included in RV insurance in Pennsylvania?

Roadside assistance is an essential coverage requirement for many RV owners. However, it isn’t typically offered as part of a basic insurance package. Most of the best RV insurance companies provide roadside assistance as an add-on product.

Ensure the coverage includes the kinds of services you might need if you get stranded on the road, such as flat tire, battery jump, towing and trip interruption coverage.

What does RV insurance cover in PA?

A basic RV insurance plan covers the same risks as an auto insurance plan. You can expect liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury, medical expenses or personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive and under-insured uninsured motorists.

Beyond that, there is a wide range of possible add-ons, such as full-replacement cost, emergency expense coverage and roadside assistance.

How do I choose the best PA RV insurance for me?

When shopping around for coverage for your RV, look for companies that provide you with coverage and flexibility that meet your specific needs. Make sure they cater to the type of travel you like to do, whether you’re a vacationer who stores their vehicle for most of the year, a snowbird who heads south for the winter months, or a full-timer who lives year-round in their RV.

You also want to look at what their claims process is like. How easy is it to file a claim, and how quickly are you likely to settle? Look at what kind of discounts they offer that you qualify for and get a quote from multiple companies to compare rates and coverages.

Top 5 Best RV Insurance Company Comparison Summary

Good Sam Insurance Agency

  • Best feature: Offers quotes from multiple companies
  • Best Add-Ons: Full-replacement cost, personal possessions coverage, extended service plan
  • Available Discounts: Storage, multi-policy, multi-vehicle, paid-in-full, safe driver

National General

  • Best feature: Offers a wide range of discounts
  • Best Add-Ons: Specialized equipment, full-replacement, roadside assistance, full-timer coverage, emergency services, travel in Mexico
  • Available Discounts: Storage, paid-in-full, multi-vehicle, multi-policy, paperless, safe driver, low driving miles


  • Best feature: Full-replacement coverage includes personal possessions
  • Best Add-Ons: Roadside assistance, replacement cost with personal effects, safety glass replacement
  • Available Discounts: RV association membership, RV safety course, multi-vehicle, multi-policy, paid-in-full, good driver, claims-free renewal


  • Best feature: Has the most flexibility with an extensive menu of add-ons
  • Best Add-Ons: Roadside assistance, total loss replacement, full-timers coverage, loss assessment, emergency services, pet injury, roof protection, pest damage
  • Available Discounts: Original owner, quote in advance, multi-vehicle, multi-policy, pay-in-full, safe driver, pay-on-time, claim-free renewal, continuous coverage, paperless

Auto-Owners Insurance

  • Best feature: Provides excellent customer service that includes an app
  • Best Add-Ons: Roadside assistance, personal possessions, RV rental after an accident
  • Available Discounts: Advance quote, multi-policy, multi-vehicle, pay-on-time, pay-in-full, safety features, driver safety program, mature drivers

Key Takeaways About the Best RV Insurance Companies

When you’re shopping for RV insurance, you need coverage that meets the unique needs of RV owners. The best RV insurance companies offer the types of products with the greatest benefits for people who travel in a home on wheels. They also provide flexibility in coverage, catering to full-timers and part-timers and motorhome, fifth-wheel or travel-trailer owners.

The company that works best for you is the one that offers the combination of product, flexibility, discounts and customer service that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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