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Per Diem nursing is a job opportunity given to nurses who want a flexible schedule. From the word “per diem” which means per day. Work schedules for per diem nurses can last for a day, half a shift, full shift or more than a day. That’s why it was referred to as per diem. The work schedule will depend on the need of the medical facilities they will be assigned at. 

How Many Shifts Do Per Diem Nurses Work?

The shift given to per diem nurses depends on the need of the medical facilities asking for per diem nurses. Some nurses need to take a leave or are sick, therefore replacements are needed to fill in their position for the meantime. That’s where per diem nurses come in; they work as temporary workers, so their shaft will depend on the length of vacation the nurses they will be  replacing. Per diem nurses can last for a few hours, a day, a few days or some even weeks.  Some arrangements also hire per diem nurses for 12 hours shifts on selected days of the week, for instance Monday, Wednesday and Saturday only. 

What Are Per Diem Nursing Pros And Cons?

In every work there will always be pros and cons, for per diem nursing jobs here are the pros and cons:

Advantages Of Pier Diem Nursing Jobs 

  • Flexible Work Schedule 

You can choose the schedule you want to work on ,for instance if you are not available then you can decline it and wait for the next available schedule. Per diem jobs are mostly handled by nursing staffing agencies which means that there are more job opportunities for you. What’s more you can also have more vacations if you wish too, since you are not committed to work in a certain schedule you are free to do things that you want to. 

  • Higher Pay 

Per diem nurses get higher pay than regular nurses do, that’s why most nurses would prefer per diem nursing jobs than regular ones. Some States give higher pay for travel per diem nurses, reasons behind it because they have higher cost of living. However, the pay is still better. 

Disadvantages Of Pier Diem Nursing Jobs 

  • Assignments  Can be Cancelled 

Assignments can be cancelled hours before the time of your shift, which makes it a lost time for you. This can be inconvenient for nurses since their preparation time and supposed time to work is wasted. 

  • Too Long Vacations 

There might be a time when per diem work is not needed so you need to be in standby mode. Nurses who need work will be financially strained , however if one knows to budget and save per diem work will be able to cover their financial needs. 

Are There Any Easy Per Diem Nursing Jobs?

Per diem jobs are easy in a way that you are not mandated to commit your time to work for a facility for a long period of time. But for nurses there is no easy job; they have to be alert and active during their shift whether it’s a short or long one. 

How To Become A Per Diem Nurse?

Requirements in being a per diem nurse varies depending on the nursing staffing agency and medical facility where you will apply. Most of them require someone  who has finished an associate degree in Nursing whether its Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Certifications can also be helpful if you have specialization so you can have more chances of getting assignments. Medical facilities contact agencies to hire per diem nurses, or they can also contact nurses directly. Experiences are often also required before getting qualified as a per diem nurse.    

Are There Any Per Diem Nursing Jobs From Home?

Yes, per diem nursing jobs are also available for those who are more comfortable working virtually. Per diem nursing jobs from home serve as a support for patients who need assistance and are not capable of going to medical facilities. 

Per diem nursing jobs are a good opportunity for nurses who want to practice their profession but with lesser stress. Being a full time nurse is exhausting and sometimes the body can not bear the workload. If you are a nurse but want a more flexible type of job per diem nursing job is for you.

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