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So many people have suffered depression, anxiety and other types of mental health problems since the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live and work.  After the pandemic, many people were stuck indoors and not able to get out and work out of the home.  When this happened, a lot of business realized that they could cut their operating expenses in more than half by having employees work at home.  Businesses realized there was no real benefit to forcing employees to come into the office.  Productivity did not go down when employees worked from home but costs did decrease considerably.

Once the CDC opened up the guidelines for businesses to reopen and the social distancing laws became more relaxed, a lot of businesses decided that they would continue to have employees work from home so that they could save money. With everyone stuck at home, there is limited interaction with other human beings.  Human touch is a thing of the past, strangers do not even shake hands when they meet any more. This has led a lot of people into depression.

Studies have shown that people need human interaction for good mental health.  When people have a lack of contact with other people, they become sad which leads to clinical depression. They can also get anxiety about dealing with other people when their interactions become so limited.  One of the things people can do is turn to yoga for mental health to help ease this depression and anxiety.  There are many mind body practices that people can practice to help reduce anxiety and ease the symptoms of depression.  Meditation is helpful for mental health problems.  

Post pandemic, we have seen a growing need for certified meditation teachers.  There is a demand for certified meditation teachers in schools, studios, fitness centers and even businesses.  Many businesses are starting to take “meditation breaks” during lunch hours and the employees are in need of someone to lead the meditation.  This growing need for certified meditation teachers leaves people wondering how to become a certified meditation teacher.

To get certified to teach meditation, all you need is a 200 hour meditation certification from a registered meditation school with meditation alliance.  These meditation teacher training programs can be online or in person.  They will teach you everything you need to know to confidently lead meditation for others.  Whether you want to focus on mindfulness based meditation or another form, the guided meditation teacher training is the route to getting certified to teach meditation.

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