Is there a portal to hell beneath the historic Malco Theater in Hot Springs? Is the building haunted by the ghosts of a child and a former manager? Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman of Travel Channel’s series “Portals to Hell” came to Arkansas to find out.

The latest episode of the series, which aired on May 21, saw hosts Osbourne and Weidman talking about Hot Springs before meeting with local magician Maxwell Blade, Blade’s daughter Lexi and a few locals for a tour of the theater.

Travel Channel
Maxwell Blade

Having learned some more haunted history from local historian Robert Raines, Osbourne and Weidman brought in psychic Cari Roy to help them conduct a sweep of the building, then conducted their own investigation, in which they encountered disembodied voices, loud bangs and other supernatural occurrences. Osbourne and Weidman revealed their findings and experiences to Blade and Lexi in the Malco Lounge as the episode ended. “Portals to Hell” airs on Travel Channel and on Discovery Plus.

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