Excellent Cruises For Singles Over 50


Cruises For Singles Over 50
Post Last Modified – April 05, 2022

Tours And Cruises For Single Seniors

It’s been a bit since I’ve written about 🛳 Cruise Vacations and I do get a few queries from fellow Baby Boomers, asking whether there are any – ⚓ Cruises For Singles Over 50 out there.

The answer is, You Bet There Is!

With our ever growing population of boomers retiring and who love to travel, these cruises are becoming increasingly popular.

Enjoying a singles cruise for seniors, offers one the best opportunities to meet like minded individuals who are also single, and enjoy travel as much as you do!

Cruises For Singles Over 50 – Choosing A Cruise Vacation

Cruise Ship in Victoria British Columbia

I can think of a number of excellent reasons why choosing a 🚢 cruise vacation is one of the best ways to meet other singles, and feel comfortable doing so at the same time!

For many of us, meeting new people for the first time can be very challenging, particularly if you happen to be more on the shy side.

This is where taking a 🚢 cruise holiday can be a perfect match for you!

It doesn’t get any easier for singles to meet others than on this type of vacation.

Cruises for Single Seniors

Here’s just a few reasons why cruises for people over 50 years of age are a great travel option to consider.


There’s no need to sit alone on these cruises, and what better way to meet others on board while enjoying a meal or snack.

This is a always a great way to introduce yourselves and get acquainted at the same time!

On Board Activities:

One of the great things about cruise vacations, is the number of exciting on board activities that are offered throughout the entire cruise.

This is just one of the many advantages of selecting a cruise above any other types of vacation.

Take part in some fun poolside activities, or join in on a variety of other games the activities staff put together during your cruise.

From card games, bingo, dancing and so much more for you to enjoy.

There’s so much to do to keep you busy, have fun and meet others at the same time cruise holidays for singles over 50! 🙂

Singles Over 50 Cruises

Shore Excursions:

Taking a shore excursion is just another great way to get acquainted with others you’re sailing with on your cruise.

Take part in organized shore excursions and enjoy an outing with others, while exploring your new ⚓ Ports of Call at the same time.

Evening Entertainment:

There’s always a host of things to take part in during the evening hours on your cruise.

From enjoying the nightly live entertainment in the main theater, relaxing in the ships lounges, to taking part in the many organized events organized primarily for these special cruises.

Many cruise lines even host “Over 50 Sexy Cruises” at certain times. Special themed cruises offering specific events on board and so much more!

These themed cruise holidays offer countless opportunities to meet others while on board, and have fun at the same time!

Cruises For Single Senior Over 60 – Types of Cruises

Carnival Caribbean Cruise

Are you over 50 and single, or perhaps now in your 60’s like me? 🙂

If you are like me and when planning your holidays, unless you’re traveling with family, you probably would prefer not having screaming little munchkins running around on your cruise, right? ❓

Not to worry, there are plenty of singles themed cruises to choose from that are designed specifically for us more mature adults!

Cruise Deals

Finding Cruises For Middle Aged Singles

How do I find them you ask? ❓

One of the best ways is to use a professional travel agent and in particular, one who specializes in cruise vacations. These specialists are in the know and can find that perfect cruise that’s just right for you.

In many cases, they can also help avoid that – Single Supplement Charge as well, depending on the cruise selected. Travel agents don’t charge for their service, they receive commissions for making bookings for you.

That’s it!

So why not take advantage of these specially trained individuals to find that perfect cruise for you.

From special themed cruises for solos, group or special organization cruises, to specific catered cruises offered by the major cruise lines, professional cruise consultants are sure to find that dream cruise you’ve always been thinking of!

Cruises For Singles Over 50 Years Old – Travel Agencies

Over 50 Holidays

One of the first things I suggest, is to check with your local travel agent. If you’re reading this, then most have their own website so you don’t even have to go in directly.

Just send them an 📧 email and go from there!

online travel agent

Do check out my recent post on the many 👩 👩 Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent, especially bookings for solo singles cruises for us more mature adults.

If you do like searching the internet, there are also numerous Travel Agencies around the globe that specialize in – Solo Travel.

Below, I’ve listed a very reputable travel website that’s been around for over 23 years and specialize in Solo Travel. This is just one example of where to begin, which I found easily by doing a simple – Google search.

Singles Travel International Logo


As well, here’s an excellent blog that lists 6 very helpful websites, designed especially for single seniors who love to travel!


Cruises For Single Seniors – Stop Thinking About It And Take A Cruise

Mystery Island Vanuatu

It doesn’t matter if you’re 50 or 90, if you love to travel and would like to meet other like minded people from around the world, then consider a cruise.  There’s always a special solo cruise out there, designed for people just like you! 

I’m not single, but if I was, I would definitely be cruising more!

One of my favorite travel quotes of all time has always been;

“Don’t Think About What They Say … Go See!”


Cruises For Singles Over 50 – Destinations

Cruise Ship Vacations

Final Thoughts Banner

In finishing off here, one of the other great things about taking a cruise vacation, is that you can pretty much enjoy a cruise most anywhere in the world.

There’s literally hundreds of departure ports to choose from!

If you’ve been dreaming about that Mediterranean Cruise or perhaps an exotic
🏝 South Pacific Cruise like my wife and I experienced a few years ago, then stop dreaming and start planning today!

travel luggage

Start packing your bag, as there’s never been a better or more affordable time to take a cruise then now! The fleet of ships just keep on growing and getting bigger and more extravagant as each year passes.

Check out this recent post on the 🛳 10 Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers from one of my favorite cruise related websites.

This site offers everything you want or need to know about cruising!

cruisecritic logo

Update April 2022:
COVID-19 TRAVEL update

I received an 📧 email newsletter from my Professional Cruise Consultant that I normally book with. I thought I would pass it on for those who may be wondering what is happening in the cruise industry.

I was recently looking at some cruises in 2022 & 2023 for some clients. I was surprised to see some sailings were already filling up or even sold out! The cruise lines are expecting pent up demand for travel as cruises are slowly resuming once again.

I’ve included a link to one of their recent articles about – 🛳 Oceania Cruise Lines Adding Cabins For Solo Travelers.

Some great news for Solo Travelers!

⚓   Oceania Cruise Lines Adding Cabins For Solo Travelers.

Let’s hope the Corona Virus will be successfully tackled around the globe and Cruise Lines will resume as normal. Once they do, there’s going to be some outstanding 🛳 All Inclusive Cruise Vacation Deals out there to choose from.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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✨   Did You Know …

“The Lido Deck On A Cruise Ship Refers To The Upper Deck, Where You Will Normally Find The Pool & Buffet Areas.”

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