13 Best Travel Subscription Boxes


Are you longing to travel but don’t have time? Or are you planning for your next big trip? These travel subscription boxes offer you the best alternative. They will help you enjoy the feel of various travel destinations right from your home or even give you an idea of the next best place to visit.

When you hear that the world has changed, it’s because it has really changed. Currently, you can do almost everything from the comfort of your home.

For instance, people have really embraced working from home and making money from so many online opportunities. But now, there is more that you can do from that comfortable sofa.

Do you know you can travel and enjoy your favorite destination right from your house? Seems impossible, right? Well, not anymore.

If you’ve heard of travel subscription boxes, that’s where the secret lies. These subscription boxes for travelers allow you to reach the most amazing travel destinations across the globe without stepping a foot out of your home’s comfort.

And the good thing is there are numerous different travel subscription boxes offering unique experiences. Also, they are designed to fit the travel needs of different travelers.

So, which are the best subscription boxes for travel for you? Check out this extensively researched list for the best options.

Best Travel Subscription Boxes

Are you looking to enjoy some travel time? Or do you want to gift your friend or partner some amazing experiences? These travel-themed subscription boxes have you covered.

1. Trove Subscription Box

Trove subscription box

Engineered by two best friends, Erika and Emilie, this is one of the best travel subscription boxes around. It not only allows you to experience authentic experiences but also amazing cultures of different people around the world.

The subscription box is specially designed to appeal to travelers who want to experience different world cuisines and art. And for this reason, the travel subscription box will feature a certain city plus two live online experiences by local experts.

These online experiences will also include regional cuisines, ingredients, and even snacks. This way, as you enjoy learning about the city, its food, and art, you can also practice some of its unique recipes.

So, just to highlight the unique things that the box offers:

  • One live cultural lesson or activity by local artisans
  • A live cooking lesson by a local chef
  • Hand-picked goodies
  • One free surprise

The box helps you to support your favorite cities.

2. The Holiday in a Box Co.

The Holiday in a Box Subscription

Do you want the world on your doorstep? This travel-themed subscription box from Holiday in a Box Co. allows just that. The boxes are not only destination-themed but they are also packed with fun activities to make your vacation-from-home quite impressive.

Additionally, these boxes are quite keen on detail, offering;

  • Incredible artisanal products (both edible and for home use) by local artisans
  • Interactive activities such as recipe cards and mini-language lessons
  • Digital library composed of virtual tours

Many of the company’s boxes will have something to promote local NGOs, as well as local businesses and creatives.

Generally, these travel subscription boxes comprise two themes. The first one is the City Break, offering a chance to explore certain destinations in detail. And the second one is the Family Adventure theme, usually tailored to appeal to kids aged between 6 and 10.

With City Break boxes, you have a choice between three and six boxes, which costs around $178 and $336, respectively. On the other hand, the Family Adventure theme prices start at around $46. And you can choose from a monthly subscription box, a bi-monthly one, or a one-time box.

If you want to save some money for your next big vacation but still have some fun in the meantime, this subscription box works perfectly.

3. The Happy Glamper Subscription Box

Happy glamper box

If nature and outdoor activities are what you love, this monthly box for travel is a great choice. The box comes filled with products that give you an amazing outdoor experience right from where you are.

Each of their boxes comes with a specific US region theme, with the region’s local products. It also offers camping gadgets that help you experience the outdoors right from inside your house. Every box will have between 4 and 6 items.

With these travel subscription boxes, you not only get incredible glamping gadgets. They come with luxury travel essentials that make every experience awesome.

Therefore, if you are even planning for an actual outdoor trip, this travel subscription box is a good place to start. It will help you know your intended travel destination better, giving you the best travel tips.

4. Which Way USA Subscription Box

Which Way USA subscription box

When it comes to travel subscription boxes, even kids are not left out. And this amazing box from “Which Way USA” offers just the experience your kids need.

The box is designed to help children see the US in an exciting way that’s both fun and educative. Imagine regular deliveries of incredible puzzles and games, which help you traverse across the various states in the country. It is certainly fun.

Other goodies that this travel subscription box offers include:

  • Colorful maps, puzzle books, and challenges that help kids (7+ years) learn geography in a fun way.
  • Souvenirs for the 50 states, such as license plate key-tags or travel journals.  
  • A chance to experience the best travel destinations in the US, even without stepping a foot outside the house.

The puzzles, games, and journals also help kids to build important school skills, something that parents will love. It is one of the best travel subscription boxes for kids.

5. Life’s a Wave BEACH Box


This is a beach-themed monthly subscription box that brings the ocean feel just inside your living room. It comes with up to eight hand-picked products, including home décor, soaps, candles, sunglasses, shells, and self-care products, making it one of the best travel subscription boxes.

The great thing about this subscription box is that it offers a monthly subscription, with an option to cancel the subscription at any time. Also, the ocean-themed items give ocean lovers an amazing experience without the hassle of traveling.   

And, if you want to surprise someone who loves beach time, this monthly box presents an amazing gift.

Lastly, your purchase goes back to supporting small local businesses, as curators and artisans work hard to ensure that this box offers more than just a great experience.

6. Spice Madam

Spice Madam Subscription box

Do you love the taste of local delicacies during your travel expeditions? What if you got a chance to experience this right from your home?

Well, with the Spice Madam subscription box, this ceases to be just a dream. It becomes a reality.

Spice Madam offers the best way to experience culinary diversity in your kitchen. Those good recipes and spices from your favorite travel destination get a way to reach your kitchen. Now, that’s quite an experience.

The Spice Madam box contains;

  • Three or four packs of spices from different regions on the globe,
  • Up to 6 gourmet recipe cards
  • A local music playlist  
  • Cultural facts

And to top it up, the box features a different travel destination every month. This way, you can discover different spices and recipes, allowing you to learn and enjoy what different cultures have to offer.

Interestingly, the recipes are for everyone. It includes gluten-free and vegetarian recipes.

Lastly, if any recipe or spices pique your interest, Spice Madam is always ready to get you a refill. All you need is to visit their official website.

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7. JourneeBox-Sustainable Women’s Travel-Inspired Subscription Box


JourneeBox is a great option for ladies who want to experience the local culture and history of different regions across the world. You can get this subscription box every quarter, getting new adventures with every box.

This is a new way of traversing the world, learning new and exciting things about different regions, cultures, and people. And, all this happens without physical travel to these places.

The box, which is carefully designed by Kevia Jeffrey-West, contains more than 6 main items. And most of these items are made sustainably, meaning that you’ll also be taking care of the environment with every purchase

An example of a JourneeBox is the Zero Waste subscription box, which contains:

  • Nordiska Soap Dispenser
  • Delft Eco-Bag
  • Vietnamese Seagrass Belly Basket
  • Wheat Straw Colander
  • S Drop Earring
  • Swedish Dishcloths
  • Cold Press Soap Bar

With every JourneeBox you order, expect a new exciting experience.

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8. The Camp Life

The Camp Life box

The soothing feel of nature is one of the most yearned experiences, especially for people living in big cities. Most of us wouldn’t mind having some quiet moment, enjoying the beauty and serenity that the natural environment has to offer.

But, getting that chance is not always possible, especially with the busy lives that hard economic times have dictated on us. And for this reason, alternatives are always welcomed.

So, what’s better than getting a Camp Life subscription box? Well, if you love the outdoors, you’ll love the experience that this box offers.

Generally, you have two options to choose from here: the Outdoor Essentials box or the Glampers & Campers box.

The first box comes with up to five camping essentials ideal for any camper. On the other hand, the second type of subscription box contains up to 7 items ideal for camping and RVing enthusiasts. These items will include:

  • Outdoor snacks
  • Clothing
  • Gadgets

You’ll also get some discount coupons here for popular camping brands. So, you can buy some camping gear at a discount for your next outdoor trip.

Subscriptions are quarterly, meaning you’ll have a chance to virtually travel the world every quarter.

9. Vacation Crate Subscription Boxes

Vacation Crate Subscription Box

Are you looking for monthly travel subscription boxes? Try out Vacation Crate boxes. Each new month is a new travel adventure with this vacation subscription box.

This means that you could be enjoying some travel time to your favorite destination every single month. How awesome is that? And, all this from your house!

Vacation Crate boxes come fitted with up to 10 Fair Trade, sustainable items and goodies. This helps you to have the utmost fun while saving the planet. Also, you get a chance to support different communities around the globe.

The items in these boxes include:

  • Local snacks
  • Beauty products
  • Hand-crafted jewelry

With these items, you can experience new cultures from different regions every month. And while it might not be exactly like actual travel to these places physically, it certainly gives you an upper hand when planning for the next vacation.

If you buy the box as a gift to someone special, you can always add a personalized note.

10. The Wordy Traveler Subscription Box

The Wordy Traveler box

If you are a literature lover, this is among the best travel subscription boxes you can try out. Physical travel might not be possible, but a good travel book can do wonders in helping you get what various places have to offer.

With the Wordy Traveler subscription box, you get a premium tea (ethically sourced) packet plus a fine art print (limited edition). Also, you get several travel accessories, destination-themed souvenirs, and a book.

If you subscribe to the Backpacker option, you get one book. On the other hand, the Dual Backpacker comes with two books, while the Full Suitcase contains three books delivered quarterly.

Additionally, you have a choice between fictional, non-fictional, or even a blend of the two.

If you don’t want a book every quarter, you can opt for a one- or two-quarter subscription.

11. Jetsetter Chic Travel Boxes

Jetsetter chic subscription box

If you’re looking for a stylish travel subscription box, then you’ll want to check out Jetsetter Chic travel boxes. This travel box is specially designed to cater to and appeal to frequent women travelers.

Each box comes with items that will help you plan and prepare for your next flight. Here, you’ll find everything from packing cubes to travel journals and other products that make your flight more comfortable.

Even better, the items contained in each box are TSA-compliant. They are also tried and approved by a qualified flight attendant. So, you don’t need to worry about the safety of these products.

Jetsetter Chic is the perfect way to gift the traveler in your life. And they offer a variety of different subscription options to help you find the perfect one for your budget.

Also, if you’re not sure which box to choose, they also offer e-gift cards!

12. SeaCrateClub Subscription Box


Do you love spending time on the beach? SeaCrateClub brings more than just the waves to your doorstep.

Every month SeaCrateClub offers you a chance to have a taste of the ocean in the most fun way. They search various beaches and oceans to bring some incredible nautical treats, which will make your experience quite real.

With these ocean-themed items, you’ll certainly have the experience you’ve been looking for. And it even gives you the urge to plan for an actual beach trip. Who wouldn’t want to feel the cool ocean breeze on their skin?

I know I would!

Even better, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes towards conservation efforts. Therefore, you’ll have helped make the world a better place.

13. Explore Local Box

Explore Local Box

Explore Local Box is what you need for travelers who love to get up close with locals during their travel. It’s one of the best travel subscription boxes, helping travelers to experience life from the locals’ angle.

Generally, each box features local products from different regions across the US. And, it allows you to have a taste of culture and history from these areas monthly.

You can expect local foods, spices, drinks, accessories, and even local art inside the box. It’s basically a whole region fitted in a small subscription box.

Interestingly, this box offers a new adventure every month. This means you can’t foretell what next month’s box will contain by looking at past boxes. It’s always a mystery.

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