Intrepid Travel Reivew | Are Intrepid Tours Worth It? (NEW 2022)


In this Intrepid Travel review, we will go in-depth on what you can expect from one of the top tour companies on the market today.

While I don’t go on tours constantly, I enjoy them. Tours are a great way to make long-lasting friends and a fantastic way to see a country.

Over the years, I have heard tons of feedback about Intrepid from friends and fellow travelers. Finally, took a tour with them. What was it like on an Intrepid Tour?

Was the tour good value, and would I go on another tour with Intrepid? Let’s find my overall experience of traveling with them in my Intrepid Travel review.

Why Choose Intrepid?

Let’s get the suspense out of the way. I loved the Intrepid travel tour. It exceeded my expectations; the guide was outstanding, and it was outstanding value for the money.

In this Intrepid Travel review, I want to discuss four big reasons I think choosing a tour with Intrepid will be a good option for my fellow travel junkies.

1. Responsible Travel – The first reason is that one of Intrepid’s core beliefs is responsible for travel. They care about supporting promoting and respecting the cultures they are taking people. It is one of their main practices at Intrepid and from what I have seen it is something they take seriously.

2. Off the Beaten Path – The second reason in this Intrepid Travel review is something I consider vital for every traveler, and something that travelers don’t focus on enough. Which is going off the beaten path.

Intrepid loves going off the beaten path. Intrepid knows the importance of seeing the major sites.

However, they also know that some of the best travel moments find that hole-in-the-wall café, or exploring the charming shops down a cobblestone street. Striking the balance between seeing the major sites and getting off the beaten path is rare. Intrepid Tours knows the importance and manages the balance well.

3. Small Group Travel – Another reason is Intrepid promotes traveling in small groups. This is something I am passionate about because it makes the tour more personable.

When you travel in small groups; you get more inmate experience. I built lasting friendships with your tour mates because I could get closer to them since the group was small. We also got to see and do a lot more activities because there were fewer people to wait on.

I love traveling in small groups and my preferred mode of travel is on a tour.

Why a small group tour vs a large tour?

Small group tours allow you to travel with like-minded people and get to know them well on your journey. While some travelers enjoy the freedom of going it alone, others prefer the security and sense of community that comes with traveling in a group. Small group tours offer both options!

What are the types of people that travel with intrepid?

 There are several types of travelers that travel with Intrepid. Some people are looking for an adventure, some people want to meet new people, some people want to learn about other cultures, and some people just want to relax and unwind.

The average age of participants on Intrepid Tours is 34 years old, with about half being female (51%) and half male (49%). Most travelers come from Australia and New Zealand, followed by Europe and North America.

What type of travelers are attracted to Intrepid Tours? They are people who prefer an independent style of travel but still want some level of structure in their trip itineraries. They like to be given choices but also want their destinations planned out for them, so there’s no confusion or wasted time trying to figure out how things work at each stop along the way.

Review of Intrepid Travel Tour: Where Do They Go

Intrepid Travel is one of the largest adventure travel companies in the world. Their tours cover almost every corner of the globe, from Europe and Asia to Africa, South America, and Australia. 

 Intrepid Travel is the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company, and they have tours to more than 100 destinations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. 

So there, whenever you are in the world, whether that is Central America, the Middle East, Latin America, or Eastern Europe, there is an intrepid trip near you.

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What is an Intrepid Travel Small Group Tour?

They designed the small group tours for travelers who want to take advantage of the benefits of a group tour, while still having access to all the flexibility and independence they want.

You’ll travel with a maximum of 16 like-minded people and your guide, who will be there to help you every step of the way.

You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a small group tour and it is a great option for a solo traveler looking to make friends. 

Intrepid Travel Reviews Pros and Cons

 When you book a trip with Intrepid, there are lots of benefits to look forward to. Here are just some of them:

Local guide

We had an outstanding Tour Guide – I wasn’t sure what to expect from Intrepid. However, by the end, I was pleasantly surprised. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable, and friendly, and loved hanging out with the group.

 The tour company boasts that their local guides are experts in the areas they know best, so you can be sure you’re in excellent hands for exploring the culture and history of your destination.

Unique experiences. 

Intrepid Travel works hard to make sure each trip they offer differs from the last, so you’ll never get bored (Being a tour guide with Intrepid might be one of the best jobs for travel)! From urban adventures to authentic cultural experiences and everything in between, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you have the most memorable holiday possible.

You can’t go wrong with an Intrepid Travel tour because they offer experiences that aren’t available elsewhere. For example, tours in Cambodia allow you to explore an ancient temple complex by moonlight. Or visit remote villages along the Mekong River Delta by boat. Imagine all the amazing experiences you can have from Abu Simbel to the Taj Mahal with your tour group. 

An itinerary designed for every type of traveler. 

Whether it’s a solo trip, family holiday, or group adventure, we’ve got something for everyone at Intrepid Travel.


I never get nervous about traveling alone. In a decade of traveling, I have never had a problem ( Knock on wood). However, I am not naïve enough to think that having a problem isn’t possible.

I get a lot of emails every week asking me questions about traveling safely. For travelers who are concerned about traveling alone, I always recommend that they start with a tour while they get their travel legs. The small groups aren’t overwhelming and you still get the security of traveling in a group.

Personal Freedom

Another great thing that needs to be mentioned in this Intrepid Tour review is that it is not mandatory to travel with the group all the time.

I could enjoy some solo time on my own in my bedroom or any other café of my choice. I had tours that hold your hand the entire time and plan everything from what time you are eating your first meal to when you have a bathroom break.

Travel is about freedom, discovery, and exploration. Intrepid Travel knows that and gives you some personal freedom to explore on your own.

It is our holiday, whether you are in South Africa, or the Middle East. And we should enjoy it the way we want, right?

No Planning Worries

Travel Planning is a HUGE part of my life. It is something I do almost daily. As you can sometimes imagine, it gets exhausting, and I want a break.

That is a massive pro of going on a tour. I can let Intrepid do most of the planning for me. I can sit back and enjoy visiting a foreign country stress-free about where I am headed tomorrow because Intrepid has figured it out for me.

You don’t worry about the minor issues of hiring transport or booking hostels, hotels, etc.

Intrepid worries about things, so you don’t have to. It is nice and relaxing. And you can just focus on the adventure.

Intrepid Tour Con’s

Trips are Less Frequent –Intrepid doesn’t run as many tours or have as many options for leaving as some tour companies. However, it is only slightly smaller and not a problem. Currently, Intrepid Travel has thousand of tours Explore the scenic, wild, and undiscovered island of Madagascar or have a food adventure in Peru with Intrepid.

 Tours are More Expensive than Solo Travel- As we have seen tours, offer a lot of perks but they are more expensive than if you did the trip on your own. Tours have their place, but if you are on a super tight budget, wait for Intrepid Tours to offer a deal or you might consider traveling solo with a Lonely Planet.

As a travel blogger, it is my job to help people make the best decisions while traveling.

I loved my adventure with Intrepid, and it is easy to see how they have earned their sterling reputation. I will use them again in a heartbeat, and they are a wise choice for people looking to do a tour.

If you don’t think Intrepid is the company for you, then you can also check out G Adventures and Busabout. They are a couple of other companies that I highly endorse.

Review Intrepid Travel: Your Questions Answered

Can I Get An Intrepid Tour Promo Code?

No, promo codes per se. But they do offer travel deals they offer. Intrepid knows that you are trusting them with the money you have worked and saved for this trip. 

Intrepid offers some incredible deals a lot and let offers things like Up to 25% Off Last Minute Deals!

G Adventures vs Intrepid Travel Tours

Honestly, you will have a great time in a group with either tour company. As I talk about in G Adventure Review. 

And The tour companies offer similar types of tours but they differ in some ways as well. The biggest difference between them is their size; G Adventures is much larger than Intrepid Travel Tours. They also differ in their itineraries and how they market ( not the markets in Mexico) themselves to potential customers.

Here are a couple of ways they are different. 


G Adventures offers tours at a range of prices depending on how many activities you want to do and how much luxury you want to enjoy. Intrepid’s prices are higher than average but still very reasonable considering the quality of their guides, hotels, and itineraries.


G Adventures strives for an authentic experience rather than luxury accommodation or services. Their hotels are usually quite basic (though usually clean) but they are in safe areas away from tourists. Intrepid has some luxury options available on all itineraries, including private rooms with en suite bathrooms, air-conditioned lounge areas, buffet meals, and Wi-Fi (In most places).

Most Popular Intrepid Travel Tours

Well, that depends on what you are looking for out of an adventure. But here are a few of their most popular tours. 

Note: I have not done all these tours. They are the most popular. 

Peru’s Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley 

This eight-day tour takes you through some of Peru’s most stunning sites. You’ll visit Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu on this trip, but there are also plenty of optional activities that allow you to add even more adventure or relaxation to your vacation.

Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands

 This tour takes travelers to Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands for five days on an expedition cruise ship. There are no roads here, so visitors must explore by boat or foot on landings at various islands along the way.

Private Expedition: Central Asia

 This tour takes you from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing and then onto Shanghai by train. You’ll see the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square in Beijing before traveling to Xi’an for a day trip to see the Terracotta Warriors. You’ll also visit Xianyang City where you can experience a day of camel riding through the city center. Then it’s off to Pingyao for an overnight stay at a traditional Chinese hotel with a free calligraphy lesson included. The next stop on this tour is Hangzhou, where you can enjoy some leisure time before heading back to Shanghai.

Private Expedition: Southeast Asia 

This tour starts in Bangkok, where you’ll have time to explore on your own before heading out on an overnight train ride through Thailand, Cambodia, and Halong Bay Vietnam. You’ll visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia before taking an overnight train ride through Laos into Vietnam where you can visit Hoi An or Hue Town or Da Nang Beach Resort.

Best of Morocco Tour

Morocco is an amazing country with a rich history and culture. You’ll get to explore the bustling cities of Marrakech and Casablanca and travel through the desert regions on camelback to visit ancient Berber villages. If you’re looking for an authentic experience in Morocco with no crowds of tourists, then this is your tour!

Best of Morocco & Spain Tour

This tour combines the best parts of Morocco with Spain. You’ll explore both countries while staying at hotels that Intrepid’s team has handpicked because they provide an authentic local experience (no big chains here!). You’ll visit some of Spain’s most famous cities like Barcelona while also exploring the beautiful coastlines along Costa Brava which makes this tour perfect if you want to combine culture.

South America

One of the most popular tours right now is the 12-day South America Tour which takes you from Lima down to Buenos Aires! You’ll visit amazing sites like Machu Picchu and the Iguazu Falls before ending your trip in Rio de Janeiro where you can enjoy Carnival!

Eastern Himalaya Tour

Another great tour option is our 9-day Eastern Himalaya Tour which takes you from Kathmandu into Tibet along with other amazing stops on your way there, like Chitwan National Park and Bhaktapur!

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Intrepid Travel Tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this beautiful country. This tour takes intrepid travelers through the best of Sri Lanka, from ancient ruins to stunning natural scenery and everything in between. You’ll get to see all the most popular sights on this trip.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a 10-day group trip that starts in San Jose and ends in Cartago.

The tour includes visits to volcanoes Poas and Irazu, cloud forests like La Paz Waterfall Gardens, the butterfly farm at La Selva Biological Station, and Arenal National Park (home to one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica). As well as Manuel Antonio National Park for some wildlife-watching action (including monkeys!), Tortuguero National Park for turtle-watching on land or sea kayaking along the mangrove estuaries, Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve for hiking through the rainforest canopy on foot or zip lining through it from above.

Look at all those amazing tours. World travel has never been easier!

What is an Intrepid Urban Adventure

Urban Adventures is a small adventure that takes you through the heart of a city’s culture, history, and cuisine. They’re led by locals who know all the best spots to visit, making them perfect for travellers who want to get away from the crowds and experience a city like a local.

Do I need to Get Travel Insurance for a Group Tour?

 This review of Intrepid Travel wouldn’t be complete without mentioning insurance. When you are on an adventure tour, a lot of things are taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about getting to the airport or finding your way around a new city. But what about insurance?

Travel insurance isn’t always required when traveling with a group, but it can be beneficial. Accidents still happen! And if your trip could get canceled or postponed, you’re going to wish you had insurance.

If you’re going on an organized tour, then it’s worth checking with the company before you go – they may already have some kind of policy in place. But if not, then I use World Nomads and Safety Wing. 

Can you go on an Intrepid Tour with a Family?

Yes, you can! Intrepid Travel caters to people of all ages, including families with children. They geared these family tours toward adults, but they have many options for those who want to include their kids, too. Sometimes this might mean contacting a tour leader to schedule a private departure. But they have family-friendly itineraries as well. So hop on a family tour and have a special experience. 

Overall Intrepid is a great tour operator. One of the best in the world. And a good option for any traveller.

Have you traveled with Intrepid Tours? What did you think of our review Intrepid Travel tours? 

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