30 Most Funny Spanish Words


If you want to speak like a indigenous Spanish speaker, you need to have to know some of the most well-known Funny Spanish Words and phrases.

Currently being humorous in Spanish will be uncomplicated when discovering some of these day to day Spanish words by heart.

In this article, we will give the 30 most Amusing Spanish Phrases of all time and a short rationalization of the context of every a person.

You ought to unquestionably have a look at this publish, you won’t regret it!

Most Funny Spanish Words

1. Palangana

A palangana is a basin or a flat bowl that locals use to serve large portions of meals. 

Most Funny Spanish phrases like these are hilarious since it evokes the impression of a large spouse and children celebrating a banquet about a huge desk and the tummy ache to precede the ample meal. 

2. Pantufla

Some humorous Spanish phrases incorporate the word pantufla

It is an informal way to mean ‘sneaker’ and it is the classic utensil that Spanish mothers applied to toss at their kids when they misbehave.

3. Descuajeringar

Descuajeringar is just one of the most fascinating Spanish words and phrases simply because it implies one thing similar to ‘wrongly manipulate’.

When you descuajeringas a thing, you are producing a mess of it.

This humorous Spanish slang phrase is also utilized as an adjective by young people, this means that a person or a little something appears to be dreadful. 

4. Petunia

There are many beautiful words in Spanish that title different forms of bouquets.

Petunia is a quite widespread flower in Spain and locals generally place them on their balconies due to the fact they are incredibly colorful and straightforward to preserve alive. 

Not figuring out accurately why it might be regarded a person of the most well known and humorous Spanish words and phrases of the day.

5. Mondongo

Interesting Spanish text like mondongo might be considered component of the amusing Spanish slang words of young locals.

Mondongo is the Spanish phrase to refer to the stomach and guts of an animal nonetheless, it is usually utilised to converse about a conflict or puzzling scenario. 

A mondongo is a obscure word that can describe a major combat at the entrance of a disco, a missing individual on the mountain, or an unclear clarification, amongst other complex eventualities.

6. Cantimplora

You will almost certainly never see the term cantimplora in Intimate Spanish phrases simply because this funny-sounding term is the Spanish equal of a canteen.

It is definitely hilarious when youthful children try to say it and they misspell its syllables. 

7. Tubérculo

Amusing sayings in Spanish may possibly contain the term tubérculo, which is ‘tubercle’ in English. 

What helps make this word hilarious is the actuality that the previous two syllables of this term imply ‘butt’.

As you may perhaps value it is also a form of childish humor but older people even now uncover it amusing.

8. Osobuco

Some funny Spanish sayings are related to meals.

The term osobuco almost certainly appears hilarious to us due to the fact it is a compound noun that comes from Italian.

Its literal importance is ‘hollow bone’ and although in Spanish it should be hueso hueco, locals do not translate these Italian words and phrases.

9. Latifundio

Some enjoyment words to say in Spanish are fairly complex.

It is the circumstance of the phrase latifundio, which belongs to the agriculture sector.

Latifundio can be outlined as a massive extension of land applied to cultivate eatable goods. 

The English translation of this word is ‘latifundium’.

10. Alcachofa

This may be my amusing Spanish phrase of the working day. 

An alcachofa is an ‘artichoke’ but Spaniards also use this term to refer to the shower faucet.

It seems extremely hard to clarify which is the affiliation concerning the vegetable and the faucet, but I can guarantee you that if you say I will need a new alcachofa in a hardware retail store in Spain, they will know what you want.

11. Sacapuntas

There are some funny text in Spanish in the faculty context and sacapuntas is a person of them. 

Its translation in English is ‘sharpener’ but it could be thought of peculiar due to the fact basically means ‘tip (of a pencil) bringer’

It also appears in a single of the most well-liked Spanish Prices about everyday living Sácale punta a la vida, which can be understood as ‘make the most of your life’.

12. Hipotálamo

The hipotálamo is a small area of the brain, the ‘hypothalamus’ in English.

This phrase may be also deemed a person of the most fun Spanish text due to the fact it has one thing in frequent with the word ‘hippo’ in Spanish but very little with the true animal.

What is Spain regarded for is wonderful scientists, who most likely won’t find this word humorous, but it is for the relaxation of us.

13. Intríngulis

Intríngulis may be deemed a synonym of the currently stated mondongo.

In accordance to the Real Academia Española (RAE) the that means of this phrase is ‘difficulty or complication’.

This word may possibly be a single of the most pleasing Instagram captions in Spanish on the other hand, it is also beautiful in English. The translation is ‘intricacies’.

14. Meticuloso

Most funny Spanish words and phrases to describe a peculiar way to procced is meticuloso, which is an adjective to explain somebody who proceeds to shell out focus to the facts.

When chatting about the phrase tubérculo, it doesn’t matter what the time period indicates mainly because as lengthy as it has the syllables culo (which suggests ‘butt’ in Spanish) it will audio droll.

15. Chirimoya

Some funny sentences in Spanish will consist of the word chirimoya, which seems hilarious in our language.

A Chirimoya is a tropical sweet fruit, whose translation is ‘Cherimoya’.

This phrase is even funnier in English due to the fact it looks like a misspelled to Spaniards.

16. Apicultor

Apicultor may audio like someone to handle Spanish love offers.

Nevertheless, nothing at all even further from fact for the reason that an apicultor is anyone who will take care of bees. 

As a curious reality, daily life On Earth without bees would just previous 4 many years. Probably that’s a very good purpose to start out dedicating some romantic Spanish like offers to beekeepers.

17. Purpurina

Purpurina should really be on your record of adorable text in Spanish despite the fact that it could be considered the nightmare of some mom and dad.

In English, purpurina is glitter, and owning young children who really like it, may well have you cleansing your household all day extended!

However, words and phrases like these are amusing factors to say in Spanish!

18. Otorrino

When chatting about amusing phrases in Spanish about work opportunities, otorrino could be considered 1 of the most well-known types. 

An otorrino is a physician who specialised in the ears, nose, and throat. 

19. Ringorrango

When anyone you trust asks you how are you experience, you might answer ringorrango. 

You may possibly locate this phrase in some Spanish Quotes about friendship and it is a honest way to express that you are sensation a minimal little bit down. 

As you may possibly detect, it is not a term that will appear in favourable offers in Spanish.

20. Chanchullo

Amusing Spanish offers with the word chanchullo will refer to cases in which people today are not performing transparently to get their aims. 

Funny Spanish sentences that contains this word let you to exhibit your disproval of this conduct because it has a adverse connotation.

It does not have a literal translation in English the subsequent case in point may permit you realize its that means.

‘He manufactured a chanchullo in buy to get a working day off’ signifies that an individual has cheated to get a holiday break. 

21. Cháchara

Various motivational quotations in Spanish will emphasize the pleasure of living. 

Cháchara should be on your own checklist of adorable Spanish words to point out a joyful point out of mind. 

Spanish journey estimates generally refer to good occasions, which is why you may possibly discover the expression cháchara in some of them.

Some humorous sayings in Spanish can’t be virtually translated into English, and it is a person of them.

Nevertheless, I hope my explanation has served you catch its which means.

22. Ñoño

Simple Spanish words like ñoño are very quick to don’t forget. 

Memorizing these sorts of fundamental Spanish phrases will enable you to promptly reveal like a native speaker how anyone is.

Ñoño is a synonym of sensitive and it has a tender connotation, it exhibits that it is sweet to truly feel moved by a precise predicament.

23. Adefesio

Adefesio shouldn’t be categorised as variety phrases in Spanish due to the fact you can use it to refer to another person extremely unpleasant.

Some effortless Spanish words have a literal translation into English.

That is what occurs with adefesio, whose which means is ‘eyesore’.

Amusing Spanish Rates with the expression adefesio may be perfect to refer to your ex in a fit of anger.

24. Bobalicón

Insulting words in Spanish like bobalicón are prevalent in conversations about somebody who is not very clever.

Bobalicón signifies ‘chump’ and it is a colloquial expression to refer to dumb persons.

Having said that, these kinds of lousy Spanish words and phrases allow you to tell what you imagine about somebody with out disrespecting them mainly because it is a delicate way to refer to this attribute.

25. Cantamañanas

Common Spanish Words like cantamañas are employed to refer to anyone that enjoys displaying off or to all those who are impolite with no a reason.

Some well-known curse terms in Spanish like these may perhaps be made use of in casual contexts to swear in order to let off steam. 

Its literal translation is ‘singer morning’ but it may be recognized as ‘bullshitter’.

26. Culamen

There are also some filthy Spanish text like culamen which refers to a massive butt. 

Nonetheless, this expression has a beneficial connotation, it signifies that a butt is massive but toned.

That is why you must incorporate this to your particular checklist of lovely Spanish text.

27. Fantoche

It is attainable to listen to fantoche in some films set in Spain mainly because it is a delicate expression, acceptable for all audiences, to tell somebody that he or she is easily motivated by others. 

In English, this Spanish term may perhaps be translated as ‘muppet’.

28. Mequetrefe

Everyday Spanish terms like mequetrefe may be thought of amusing Spanish insults for the reason that they might be utilised to refer to an individual that is insignificant physically or morally or to colloquially to refer to young youngsters.

29. Pagafantas

There are a ton of tricky Spanish words and phrases to refer to a person who is blinded by adore but pagafantas is surely a person of my favorites!

This compound noun means ‘who pays the Fantas’ and it is typically utilized to refer to adult males and girls that invite their cherished one to drinks in get to seduce them but they never accomplish this aim.

30. Zamacuco

Cursing words and phrases in Spanish could also be humorous.

This is what transpires when you use the expression zamacuco, which can not be basically translated into English but it may possibly be understood as ‘person who, pretending to be clumsy or silent, manages to do his will’.

 As you really should know by the end of this posting, Spanish for amusing is divertido.

When remaining in some of the most wonderful destinations in Spain, you may will need hilarious expressions to impress your audience.

Do not wait about learning some of these 30 most humorous Spanish terms by coronary heart, you in no way know when you might will need them!

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